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The Curst Sons

The Curst Sons have been performing their original American roots influenced music since 1998.
Their sound mixes traditional American roots genres with powerful original songs and gutsy live shows. Their inspiration is the pre-Rock n’ Roll world of Blues, Gospel and Old Time - given a jolt of electricity and a kick-ass stomp.
Since 1998 they have released six studio albums and one 10” vinyl EP, have been Runners up in the international Song Writing Competition (ISC), nominated for Best Alt Country Album in the Independent Music Awards and for Best Americana Act in the British Country Music Awards. They have played far too many pubs, clubs and festivals to remember, twice been Time Out magazine’s critic’s choice and recorded two live sessions for the much-missed Mark Lamarr show on BBC Radio Over the years people have said…
Their biggest appeal is that they manage to stay true to American folk music’s rich lineage, while throwing in enough curve balls to piss off the folk puritanicals. AMERICANA UK
They gnarl and twist together elements of bluegrass, rockabilly, country and blues and spew forth a
sound that is instantly recognisable as their own. What may be overlooked is the fact that the Curst
Sons are damn fine songwriters as well as potent lyricists.
If it is true that the Devil has all the best tunes, then he must undoubtedly have nicked some of them from The Curst Sons. Ken Brown FATEA One of the best, if most unlikely, acts to come out of Brighton – hands down – this brilliant trio plays bluegrass, gospel and rockabilly as if their lives and loves depended on it, mixing Americana classicswith tuneful originals full of superior lyrics. Time Out Got everybody jumpin’- a great band. Jonnie Walker BBC RADIO 2 I’ll tell you what that was absolutely fantastic. If you look out the window and there’s a slight breeze that’s God nodding, and that’s a pretty good revue. Mark Lamarr BBC RADIO 2
They’ve got humour and soul and there’s absolutely nothing else like them. MORNING STAR
The Curst Sons never fail to deliver a foot-stompin’, barnstorming performance of such intensity you’re left grinning like an idiot by the end! Hastings Independent Press
The Curst Sons are -
Willi Kerr -Vocals, Percussion.
Tim Dunkerley -Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.
Scott Smith -Bass, Banjo, Harmonica, Vocals
Web site

Fleetwood Unchained

The Ruddy Tyke Fayre is proud to present Fleetwood Unchained – a brand new act for 2023 performing high-quality renditions from the song catalogue of the iconic British-American band, Fleetwood Mac.  The show includes such mega-hits as Dreams, Everywhere, Don’t Stop, Little Lies, Rhiannon, Go Your Own Way and many, many more – even if you think you don’t know the songs, you will!

The band are made up of some of Southampton and Dorset’s finest musicians . all highly experienced players and passionate Fleetwood Mac fans with many years of performing behind them, and whose pleasure it is to bring you the ultimate FM experience – as they like to say “The sound of the records, the thrill of the stage shows!”


Where’s the party at...! Look no further, you’ve found it! It doesn’t matter where we play, it goes off! Dance your socks off and sing your hearts out!

The Two Man

Travelling Medecine Show

Formed in deepest darkest Dorset come The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show Formed in 2017 in the tiny village of Witchampton in Dorset. The band have built up a fiercely loyal following on the south coast with their explosive live shows. Think The Libertines had a fight with The Pogues. Currently recording their third album of original material. This follows on form their two critically acclaimed albums ‘Weeding out the wicked’ and ‘Going nowhere fast’. Massive radio support for both these releases with multiple plays all over the globe. Banjos, fiddles put to glorious uplifting Melodies with dark, disturbed lyrics. They’re about to release their third album in September 2023 called ‘Folkadelica’. Recorded entirely on 16 track in a barn in Dorset. This album flirts with grief, love, pub fights, and even politics with the first single ‘I’m so angry I could vote’ being released in August. A Snake’s A Snake” is a Bob Dylan meets the country version of The Beach Boys kind of tune. With the carefree vibe of summer surfer music and the classic country western instruments, this track is nothing short of a toe tapping classic. Folk music has never met any kind funk like this. With banjos, violins, and tambourines galore, “A Snake’s A Snake” features a repetitive and catchy hook will have you humming along in no time. ‘Indie Guru’ blog Quirky and light hearted yet tinged with sadness, this tune is a tale of frustration and hope. Utterly unique from start to finish. ‘Purple Melon’ Music blog


FFO: The Raconteurs, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Cream, The Band, Credence Clearwater Revival.

Almost 20 years ago in the sleepy town of Wimborne, Dorset the country pubs began rattling to the
thundering riffs of Rich Peacock, the relentless bass of Olly Hopper-Pay and the Bonham-esque drumming
of Peter Giles- Clams were born. Within 18 months Clams were signed to Andy Ross (of Food Records
fame) new label Boss Music and the industry started getting their ears blown by the riffs Metal Hammer
commented that “Dave Grohl would sell his left testicle for".


Murphy's Lore Trio

Murphy’s Lore Trio are multi-instrumentalists Steve, Noeleen and Alex. With two lead vocals; male and female, plus fiddle, bouzouki, 6 and 4 string guitar, mandolin, ‘Bass Stomp’, Bodhran and Whistle, their dynamic sound, wide-ranging repertoire, plus vocal and instrumental harmony arrangements, give them something quite unique amongst Dorset folk bands. The Trio have been described as ‘greater than the sum of their parts’, with a growing reputation for live performances of songs and tunes that meld trad folk with attitude, they can be rousing and rollicking but also wistful and whimsical.


Comprising 4 members including 3 singer songwriters each established in their own right, Outlandish features the sounds of Wendy Jane, Kez Hinton, Graeme Wey and percussionist Elaine Richmond, bringing their own unique sound, rich with lush harmonies and instrumentation.

Drawing a great reception from audiences, they move seamlessly between styles and instruments from guitar, harp, flute, harmonium, bass, and hand percussion to create a powerful,  enchanting sound. Playing all original songs and drawing on a wealth of diverse influences including folk, reggae, funk, blues, and world music, their live performances take you on a journey with original songs flowing from tender, harp speckled love songs to thumping tribal folk tunes.

Kat Evans

Kat Evans is a unique Electric Violinist and Handpan Live Looping Instrumental Solo Artist.
She creates amazing soundscapes with her original compositions
Performances encompass Beautiful String Quartet layers of

Sumptuous Orchestras,to
Wild Overdrive Electric-Guitar-Style Rock Violin,Gypsy Dance to Indian / Arabic
Shruti drones of delight,and the mesmerising,meditative tones of the Handpan
She has previously worked with many artists including Dave Stewart (Eurythmics),
Terry Hall, Thomas Dolby, Van Morrisson, Shriekback, Spiritualized, Culture Club,
Shakespear's Sister, The Mission to name a few.
Music Arranger, Composer and Musician credits for Hollywood Films including
working with Director Paul Verhoeven on films Showgirls and Starship Troopers
Now performing as a Solo Artist , Check out her socials to follow her musical Journey

Becoming Branches

Based in the New Forest and London, Becoming Branches are a Folk-Americana band
blending acoustic sounds and soaring harmonies in an enchanting mix of creative and heartfelt songs.
As well as recording and releasing their latest single ‘Right Words’, the group had a busy 2022 supporting touring acts and artists, alongside breaking into the London music scene and performing at renowned festivals such as Cambridge Folk Festival and the Secret Garden Party.
Becoming Branches released their self-titled debut EP in March 2020, which was promptly named BBC Introducing Solent Record of the Week and they have continued to gain radio play both locally and internationally ever since.
Winners of the 2019 Wimborne Folk Festival ‘Live & Loud Award’, their accolades also
include: Best UK Emerging Artist 2021 – Live Country Sessions and Single/EP/Mini Album of the Year – FATEA Annual Awards (shortlisted).

Mik 'n Simon

Mik 'n  Simon are Bournemouth's most popular busking duo, playing a wide range of feelgood, harmony based songs mostly from the 60's and 70's

Owen Moore

Veteran, Irish-born, singer & guitarist Owen Moore has been a familiar face for many years in folk clubs and country music venues around the south of England, in bands, trios and duos and often as a solo

performer too.

In addition to playing in bars and ballrooms, Owen can often be heard playing live in small-town squares and big-city high streets, as he has long been an inveterate busker.

Over the years Owen has developed into a writer of novel original songs, many of which
have found their way onto radio shows in this country and abroad and currently Owen has more than a dozen albums to his name.
Owen’s music is widely available across the internet and there’s also an Owen Moore
website at:

Andy Oldfield

Steve McQueen

Event List for the Ruddy Fayre

(To be announced very soon....)

Times Coming Very Very Ruddy Soon Now!!

Fri 1st Sept Performance
1:00 PM. Artist Name
2:00 PM. Artist Name
3:00 PM. Artist Name
4:00 PM. Artist Name
5:00 PM. Artist Name
6:00 PM. Artist Name
7:00 PM. Artist Name
Sat 2nd Sept Performance
1:00 PM. Artist Name
2:00 PM. Artist Name
3:00 PM. Artist Name
4:00 PM. Artist Name
5:00 PM. Artist Name
6:00 PM. Artist Name
7:00 PM. Artist Name
Sat 2nd Sept Performance
1:00 PM. Artist Name
2:00 PM. Artist Name
3:00 PM. Artist Name
4:00 PM. Artist Name
5:00 PM. Artist Name
6:00 PM. Artist Name
7:00 PM. Artist Name
Sun 3rd Sept Performance
1:00 PM. Artist Name
2:00 PM. Artist Name
3:00 PM. Artist Name
4:00 PM. Artist Name
5:00 PM. Artist Name
6:00 PM. Artist Name
7:00 PM. Artist Name

So, where the ruddy hell is this Fayer to be held?

This marvellous place is here..

Cranborne Chase Cider Farm

Myncen Farm, A354, Minchington,

Blandford Forum. DT11 8DH